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As we approach fall, wine-lovers inevitably turn to wines that pair well with the flavors of the season.  Arnaldo Caprai produces wonderful white and red wines that will make you forget all about the end of the summer and look forward to the cool weather.

Arnaldo Caprai, one of the most beloved winemakers in the Umbria region, produces Grecante Grechetto 2009 DOC about ($19.99) SRP, a delicious and complex wine that makes a fantastic pairing with fish, cheese and white meat-based dishes. The wine is made from 100% Grechetto grapes, which offers a beautiful and well balanced mix of floral and intense fruit aromas, followed by fresh and crisp flavors of citrus and tart pineapple. The combination of fruit and floral notes will remind you of the best days of summer. 

Arnaldo Caprai also produces Montefalco Rosso DOC 2005 about ($23.00), SRP a stunning, full-bodied red wine that’s delicious paired with stews, steaks, and  hearty autumn dishes.  This wine is best enjoyed when the weather begins to cool and enjoyed with all of the season’s goodies.. The complexity of the Montefalco Rosso is obtained by the blend of 70% Sangiovese, 15% Sagrantino, and 15% Merlot. This combination of varietals offers notes of ripe red fruits with delicate hints of vanilla, and a long elegant finish

We loved them both and found the value astounding.

Wine On Line Rating: A+

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Arnaldo Caprai is the top producer of Sagrantino di Montefalco − the most highly prized wine of Italy’s Umbria region. The winery, founded in 1971 by Arnaldo Caprai, has revolutionized Sagrantino production in the last 20 years. The indigenous grape was nearly obscure before the winemaking family recognized its potential. Winemaker Marco Caprai, as a pioneer, has been instrumental in elevating the wine industry of the region and recognition of Umbrian varietals around the world. Arnaldo Caprai supports innovative research and experimentation, and implementation of cutting-edge techniques in the production of their award winning wines. The portfolio includes Sagrantino di Montefalco 25 Anni DOCG, Sagrantino di Montefalco Collepiano DOCG, Montefalco Rosso DOC, Grecante Grechetto dei Colli Martani DOC 2005, and Anima Umbra Rosso and Bianco IGT

What does the wine of the future taste like? The
Sagrantino wine from the Arnaldo Caprai vineyard has
been trying to answer this question for some years,
experimenting with the effects of the predicted future
climate around the company’s vineyards in Montefalco
(province of Perugia). The effects of climate change that
have been forecast for the planet for the next fifty years
are being researched on the vines, in an effort to
anticipate the characteristics of future vintages. Luigi
Mariani is an influential agricultural meteorologist
and lecturer at the University of Milan, who has been
collaborating on the company’s scientific research for
some time.

Arnaldo Caprai’s research program is the only one of its
kind in the world, involving a simulation of the effects
of climate-induced overheating of the vines. The vine
trellises are covered with fabric to increase the
temperature of the plants. An aluminum mirror
increases the amount of solar radiation the plants
receive, which influences the process of photosynthesis.
With this analysis, the company reaffirms its commitment
to the research that has always been an integral part of
the company. That it is an “enlightened” company was
recently testified to by their decision to print a series of
famous quotations about wine on the corks of the best
bottles of Sagrantino. As Pascal once said, “There is more
wisdom in a bottle of wine than in all the books that
men have written.”

Arnaldo Caprai emphasizes
the vines’ origins and the
environment where they grow.
The grower’s respect for
territory inspires a work ethic
that is mindful of the local
Montefalco ecosystem
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