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Montenegrin wine maker is poised to become a sensation state-side.
June 26, 2015, New York, NY — Discerning palates in the United States will now be able to sample the outstanding Montenegrin wines that have rest of the world talking. Radevic Estates is pleased to announce that their wines are now available in New York.
Varieties include Syrah and Vranac/Cabernet Sauvignon.  Vranac is an ancient variety of grape that is native to Montenegro and produces a dry red wine, typical of the region. It is considered the most important variety of grape in Montenegro. The word ‘Vranac’ means strong, black and powerful horse (black stallion), and wine made from this variety of grape is associated with strength, potency, and success. Vran also means ‘rav en colored or black’; red wine is also known as black wine in many South Slavic languages.

Excitingly, Radevic Estates took top honors at the 6th International Wine Festival INTERFEST, which took place in Serbia earlier this year. In the United States, Radevic Estates is imported by Omniwines. They can be sampled at the delightful Paul’s On Times Square, 136 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036 or purchased in you favorite wine store.

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Dr Goran Radević and Renee Lacy-Radević Montenegrin-American duo with extremely interesting life story. They met on the largest of the three Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman), the territory of the United Kingdom in the western part of the Caribbean Sea, where Dr. Goran Radević worked in the emergency room as a doctor.

There were married. There they were born Anđelija and Luke. There have dreamed the dream of a small family vineyard, which they awoke Hurricane Ivan (Category V) in 2005, destroying the island and their home. Ms. Renee, after more than a week spent in extreme conditions, with children (then both younger than four years), was evacuated to Miami with patients for dialysis.Three months later in New York, where they then went on briefly visited them and Goran, day and night engaged in providing technical assistance to the sick and injured, to the establishment of health services on the island.

After four years spent in the United States, eight in the Caymans, six in South Africa, two in the Sultanate of Oman and three in China, where he worked as a physician, Dr. Goran Radević he and his wife decided that his dream of a vineyard dosanja in his native Montenegro. Although Dr. Radević first doctor in the family, not the first winemaker, and his genetics is replete with ancestors – winemakers.
– Maternal grandfather was a priest. He taught me to read and write, that I cut a branch, even before I went to school and passed my love of country. On his father’s side were herders.Grandfather Nicholas ’41. when the war broke out, he had 1,000 sheep. I inherited the land on both sides, and I lifted her vineyard. We built a house and seven years after our arrival in Montenegro, we are proud to 10,000 vines in the village Rogami, with Zeta in Pipers (7.5 thousand vines), around the family home (2.5 thousand), and for visitors to the open door of the winery "Radević" – an esthete Wines, about which I can talk only in superlatives – explains Dr. Radević.

According to him, the winery is surrounded by good people, and for the quality of wines in charge of the young engineer. Milena Mugosa and consultant oenologist – ing. Ivan Dašić, one of the leading technologists from the golden era of the former Agrokombinat "July 13th". Such an atmosphere has resulted in the success of the 82nd International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, where he was awarded all twelve wine samples sent to an evaluation (5 gold medals, 4 silver and 3 bronze) and two grape brandy (grappa), which won silver medal, a Winery "Radević" also won the championship title the Novi Sad Fair and 2015-.
Dr Goran Radević says he is not a man of competitions and awards. For this assessment came under the influence of Ing. Ivana Dašić, attracted by the fact that the chairman of the commission stands doc. Dr. Vladimir Puskas (Faculty of Technology, Novi Sad), a man of science, that the blind test and that, consequently, no lies, no deception. Ideal family Radević a small winery of excellent wines, and not go to competitions and collecting awards. To do this, do not even need, because in mid-April the first shipment, through the Port of Bar, he went to America, and two restaurants in Manhattan, guests will have the privilege to drink Montenegrin wines from the winery "Radević".

Their vineyards are represented by three varieties of red grapes: Chabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Cormorant (which is the backbone of their winery), and the white, Žižak (indigenous variety from the environment of Tivat, which dates from the time of Queen Teuta, III in. BC) and two spicy white – Gewurztraminer (Italy) and Malmsey aromatics (Istria).
– Wines we have given the names of the grape varieties. This year, the first time we made an exception for evaluation and a liqueur wine (instead Liqueur White wine Chardonnay, 17% alcohol), christened the name of my wife, Renee. This wine won the first gold medal for our winery and the first wine that has requested registration of the Ministry of Agriculture has just liqueur wine from Montenegro.

Renee Lacy-Radević a criminologist by profession specialist for juvenile delinquency. For a while he worked as a professor of foreign languages ​​at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica, 24 hours a day mother with great love helping her around the vineyard and winery. With them were Hana and Nicholas, children from first marriages spouses. There is also Gojko brother Dr. Goran Radevic, today partner, who first came to the aid when it should plow the land, plant the vine, which completes the idyllic picture of a small family business.
Basement "Radević" produces only Barrique wines in oak barrels that come from a small family company, the fourth generation of coopers from California, which is another confirmation that the Montenegrin-American mix, with immense love invested in everything that is done, a combination that gives excellent results. In addition to wine, visitors to their winery can find products such as organic honey, essential oil, cognac and brandy. With nature in nature, because it is so beautiful, life motto family Radević that their personal example shows the advantages of the lifestyle. More information can be obtained at:

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